The overarching goals of the Academy are to highlight the current issues facing Bosnia-Herzegovina and its population living in diaspora, to counteract prevalent negative images of the country and to foster its economic, intellectual and cultural development. To this end, the Academy provides a platform where members lead and facilitate programs in areas of culture, arts, education, professional exchange, science, civic diplomacy, and others.

The program staff may be composed of members or any other individuals who have expertise and/or interest to actively participating in a particular program or project of the Academy, and who will help design, develop, manage, monitor and evaluate the particular program.

The Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival is an annual event, organized by the Voice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Inc. and the Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Inc. which features award-winning films by emerging Bosnian filmmakers or filmmakers who have Bosnia and Herzegovina as their theme. (more)

The Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina held an event that commemorated the massacre of Bosniak men and boys, which occurred from July 12 through July 18, 1995 in and near the UN declared "Safe Area" of Srebrenica. During the week of the commemorative event, an estimated 30,000 visitors reflected on the exhibit in the lobby of the United Nations building in New York, and dozens of news outlets around the world carried the story of Srebrenica remembered. (more)

Presented by Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in collaboration with Museum of Jewish Heritage – A living Memorial to the Holocaust and advisory support from Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. This commemorative event raised awareness of the Srebrenica genocide and tragic suffering of Bosniak population half a century after European Holocaust. Panel on Genocide brought together a working group of policy specialists, policy makers, academics, public officials, civic society opinion makers, and members of the diplomatic community with the purpose to raise awareness about the group pathology and psychology of the perpetrators, with a look toward future prevention. (more)

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  Annual Bosnian -Herzegovinian Film Festival
Commemoration of the Srebrenica Massacre - Genocide and Aftermath Art Exhibition and Presentation at the UN
Genocide and Aftermath - Rationalizing the Process of Truth and Recconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnian-Herzegovinian Book Club Chicago