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Pictures Without Borders - Bosnia Revisited

Photographs and Essays by Steve Horn

More than thirty years ago, Steve Horn traveled through Bosnia in a Volkswagen Van, which was both home-on-the-road as well as a mobile darkroom. His images from that first trip capture the innocence of children in a landscape of peace, the conviviality of the culture and the rich architectural heritage of the Balkans. When he returned to Bosnia in 2003, it was to a country recovering from all the tragedy of war. This time, it was the spirit and the resilience of the people that compelled Horn’s photographic attention, as well as the immense losses they had suffered. In some cases, he was able to find the same people he had captured on film as children thirty-three year earlier.

“This is a book which declares that life is stronger than tribulation and evil, that Bosnia is enduring and everything else is a vast deception. ‘Pictures Without Borders‘ is powerful, lyrical, and dramatic, and at the same time, filled with warmth and humanity.”

– Zlatko Dizdarevic, Sarajevo journalist, writer, and an editor of the daily newspaper Oslobodjenje during the siege of Sarajevo, which won international awards for keeping independent journalism alive in war-time Bosnia.

“These extraordinary photographs tell the story of Bosnia’s tragedy and slow recovery better than any written record. Steve Horn’s own sensitive narrative - and his encounters with people he had photographed thirty years earlier - make this book unique in the growing literature on Bosnia.”

–Richard Holbrooke, Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and chief negotiator of the Dayton Peace Accords.

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